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          elmbrook healthmates

          Elmbrook 学校 is committed to offering support and benefits that create the happiest, healthiest workforce. By providing the right care; at the right time; with the right outcome; at the right price, employees and their family members can enjoy a long, healthy and active lifestyle. To assist with this journey, we are encouraging Elmbrook HealthMates, a confidential health and wellness program. elmbrook healthmates is a new AG体育官网 initiative in partnership with healthIO, a health tech company focused on prevention & management of chronic conditions and overall health & wellness, and Milliman, one of the largest actuarial firms in the world. Using simple health devices and software, the program seeks to revolutionize healthcare by changing the approach from “sick care” to preventive “health care.” The goal is to improve your overall health and prevent adverse medical events.

          elmbrook healthmates



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