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          The District has a 10-year Capital Funding plan in which we have identified almost $50M in projects to be completed over a ten year period. These projects are prioritized and placed on the plan by year. The Capital Funding plan is continuously updated as funding, priorities and projects change. Projects that have outside funding support can be brought forward to the Finance and Operations Committee to be considered for inclusion into the plan. We encourage outside groups to work through their building principal to develop the scope of the project along with funding funding commitments for proposal to the Assistant 所长 for 商业服务. Senior Leaders then determine whether or not to bring the proposal to the F&O Committee for consideration.


          新托纳旺达体育馆: $ 4499566(预计完成日期:2020年10月)
更新暖通托纳旺达: $二八三六二四七(预计完成日期:2020年10月)
          新办公区: $5.5米(预计完成时间:7月2020年)
          BEHS和BCHS足球草坪和田径光源更换: $6.2米(预计完成日期:2020年9月)


          在2017 - 18,$ 14百万被分配为10年资本改进计划的一部分,筹资战略没有公投。这些资金将逐步转向:在装修$ 370万在两所高中垒球场和网球场,亿$ 4.8至威斯康星州丘陵提供HVAC系统所中学,$ 580,000的升级库和学习空间在两所中学,$ 38万元,创建和支持布鲁克菲尔德中心制造实验室,和$ 60,000个投资elmbrook自然中心感谢elmbrook教育基金会英寸



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